About Us

In partnership with more than 40 colleges and universities and 300+ professors, CelestialVoyagers has developed a range of study abroad programs for over 30,000 students, many of whom are traveling outside of the U.S. for the first time.
Not limited to higher education, CelestialVoyagers has also served public and private high schools, all over the world, developing customized language and cultural programs.
Our track record has been so successful that 90% of our academic clients return to our programs from the previous year.

For Schools

At CelestialVoyagers we take into consideration the interests and budgets of our academic clientele.
We pride ourselves in our flexibility and will work with schools, colleges, and universities to provide the best value for each program.
Payment plans can be paid in full by the school, individual students, or a combination. We can also work with grants.
From planning to registration, and departure, we’ll inform you of all policies and deadlines and ensure that these are met. If your group doesn’t reach the minimum numbers, we’ll work with you so that registered students will still be able to travel.
Because safety is our top concern, CelestialVoyagers has a multi-million liability insurance policy.
To help promote your school’s trip, our site offers easy online access for students to register, and we can also provide brochures that list all pertinent information (pricing, trip itinerary, etc.). If your school would like to publish its own materials of our travel package, we’ll be happy to provide necessary assets.

For Professors

CelestialVoyagers loves working with school faculty and meeting their educational objectives. So if you’re a professor/teacher looking to take your students on a marine biology expedition in the Caribbean, study art in Italy, or explore the archaeological wonders in Arizona, we’re here to lend you our expertise!
Whether you’re working with a small or large group, we’ll help you manage all the details — from passports to student lodging to itineraries. Our goal is to minimize time spent in the organization of the trip so you can maximize your academic involvement.

For Students

We know that your travels aren’t just about checking off a syllabus — it’s about learning by experience as well as building memories with your friends.
With our professional standing within the academic community and creatively curated points of interest, let us provide you with both!