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Travel Insurance, Passports & Visas


NB. Should the University / Institution want to use their own insurance provider, CelestialVoyagers will pass that information to the participants.

Basic Insurance

For travelers who prefer affordable coverage, including trip cancellation and lost/damaged baggage benefits. Great for weekend getaways and overnight trips.

Classic Insurance

Includes comprehensive coverage and, when traveling with a parent or grandparent, kids 17 & under are covered for free. Our most popular plan for vacations, cruises, and tours.

Classic Plan with Trip +

Ideal for families traveling abroad. It doubles many of the Classic Plan’s post departure benefits and kids 17 & under are still covered for free when traveling with a parent or grandparent.


All passengers must have a passport when traveling outside of the United States, including travel to Canada and Mexico.
Travelers should apply for a passport upon registering for a tour, as it can sometimes take 14 weeks to process. Passports must be valid at least 6 months after the tour’s return and that it has at least 3 blank pages. Refer to the US government’s passport website for more information.
Please note that airlines will not permit passengers to travel if the name on his or her ticket does not match the passport exactly. Ensure that the first, middle and last name on each passenger’s account matches his or her passport.

Need your passport in a hurry?

USA citizens can use our partner at RushMyPassport.


Depending on the destination, tour participants may need a tourist visa. Contact our visa services partner to find the specific requirements for each destination country. More information and specific requirements can also be found on the consulate websites of the destination countries and layover countries. Because the applicant must complete the visa application, we depend on the traveler to take care of this step but will be available to answer any questions and clarify specific visa requirements.

Need your international tourist visa in a hurry?

USA passport holders can use our partner at RushMyTravelVisa.

Do you hold a non-USA passport?

Not a problem! Our other visa partners at Visa HQ can help you with your international tourist entry visas.

Parental Authorization Form

For tours going to Mexico, Belize, or Brazil, children under the age of 18 require a parental authorization form to be signed and notarized within 30 days of the tour departure date. CelestialVoyagers will send applicable passengers the form a few months prior to your departure date. Please ensure that the form is readily available upon landing at the airport because it is required to get through customs in these countries.