CV Academic

Education doesn’t begin and end inside the classroom. A whole world of learning awaits… and the setting could take your breath away!
One of our specialties at Celestial Voyagers is providing comprehensive travel packages for the academic world — whether for schools, universities, or alumni associations.
Because no two universities organize their trips the same way, CV Academic offers a personalized approach to your travel goals and academic group tours. We’re able to create “short-term study” packages as brief as a weekend or as long as two weeks or more.
We can also offer “embedded courses” from which students receive academic credits for the courses related to any of our academic group tours. These students will have to provide work before, during or after the trip.
CV works with faculty from a wide-range of institutions to ensure students meet their academic requirements. While history, art and culture are common subjects that CV Academic covers, here are some additional subjects that we’ve incorporated for our student travelers:

  • Architecture, philosophy, filmmaking
  • Fashion, music, linguistics, pop culture
  • Business, marketing, media, finance
  • Health, nutrition, sports
  • Criminal justice
  • Biology, ecology, global warming, fair trade

Working with our local administrative contacts around the world, CV Academic can provide workshops and presentations to support and complete any academic program at an affordable cost.
Our primary goal is to allow students and faculty to have the time of their lives overseas while achieving their educational objectives!