France could be considered as the most popular tourist destination in the world with over 85 million visitors each year. It is a dream land to those looking for romance, gastronomy, culture fashion or an epicurean lifestyle. Some are inspired by novels, movies or pictures produced by famous artists, painters, philosophers or writers; others will search the diversity of each region due to the ever changing landscape between coastlines, high mountains, rolling hills covered with vineyards, small rivers, quaint villages, or chateaux and fortresses.

The Divisions of France

As of 2016 Mainland France has been reorganized in 13 administrative regions, each having its own traditions, cuisine, folklore and even dialect.

Metropolitan France is also called the Hexagon, in opposition to Overseas France composed of 5 regions which enjoy the same political status than the “Metropole”: Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion, French Guiana and Mayotte. This does not include overseas collectivities and territories which have more autonomy than the overseas departments, such as French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

France and Francophilia

Celestial Voyagers will customize trips to all parts of France, Metropolitan or Overseas France, as you wish. To find the sample trips which hopefully will inspire you to travel, you need to consider that under the France section you will find only samples to the 13 regions of the mainland which include Corsica, but for the Overseas Regions and territories you will find suggested journeys in Celestial Voyagers world section called Francophilia.

Gastronomy And Wines

France is known for its gastronomy and its wines. From 3 Michelin Star rating restaurants to the unknown local little auberge you will find exquisite cuisine all around. France is the home of the “Bon Vivant” who enjoys each meal with a good glass of wine. From the novice to the educated oenologist Celestial Voyagers will be glad to plan wine tasting experiences for all levels of knowledge and budget.

Art, History and Culture

Specially tailored trips can be focussing on many various cultural themes such as:

  • Impressionists in Paris Museums and in Normandy
  • World War II and the Landing Beaches of Normandy
  • Modern Art on the French Riviera
  • Philosophy in Paris: The Enlightenment and Existentialism
  • Antibes Jazz Festival
  • The Great Cathedrals of France
  • Romanesque Burgundy
  • The Cannes Film Festival
  • etc.


Spirituality is the motivations of many journeys to France and France offers opportunities to various religious or spiritual travelers.

Celestial Voyagers can offer choices of itineraries in reference to a Jewish Heritage tour, a Catholic pilgrimage to Lourdes, La Salette or Paray-Le-Monial, a hike along the “Trail to Saint Jacques de Compostelle” or a mystic experience in the “Cathare Country” of Occitanie.

Sports and Leisure

Skiing in the French Alps is appealing to all skiers.

Beach vacations are superb in the summer either on the Atlantic or the Mediterranean coast.

Sport events such as Le Mans' 24 hours car race, the cycling Tour de France each July are events you may want to experience. Hiking, cycling, sailing, boating along the French canals are all thrilling opportunities.

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New Aquitaine is one of the new 12 mainland regions of France formed in the national administrative reorganization that took place in January 1, 2016. It is the largest of these 12 regions with an area slightly larger than Austria.
    Champagne – Ardennes
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Informed travelers will look for the quiet and green ambiance of the Ardennes, while the wine enthusiasts can spend a few days enjoying the scenery and tasting the globally renowned local sparkling wines!
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Martinique is a Caribbean island and politically an overseas region of France, where you pay in Euros and the French flag flies jointly with the European Union one. It is located 280 miles from the South American coastline and its balmy climate and gorgeous beaches have resulted in tourism being the primary industry of the island. Tourism has taken over from agriculture, which used to be the main economic driver back in colonial times when thousands of African slaves were brought in to cultivate large plantations of coffee, tobacco and sugarcane
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Guadeloupe is a Caribbean island and politically part of France, even though it is more than 4600 mile away in the Caribbean Sea. It is a French "departement", with a political organization similar to all the "départements" of the motherland. Guadeloupe Island is shaped like butterfly wings. One wing is Basse Terre, dominated by La Soufriere, a 4813 ft high volcano, and the other wing is Grande Terre with the capital Pointe a Pitre. Smaller islands form the nearby archipelago of La Guadeloupe: Marie Galante, La Désirade, and Les Saintes.
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Provence one of the most beautiful places in the world, for its nature (Alps, the Mediterranean) and its culture: Marseille, Aix, Avignon, and so many scenic villages
    Burgundy & Franche-Comté
by CelestialVoyagers, Your Exclusive Tour Designer
Bourgogne Franche-Comté is one of the new 12 mainland regions of France reorganized since 2016. The reunion of these 2 previously separate administrative sections is a throwback to what it was from the 5th to the 8th century, the old Kingdom of Burgundy at the time of the Holy Roman Empire. At that time, the Duchy of Burgundy (actual Burgundy) was united to the County of Burgundy (Franche-Comte)
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Populated by Celtic settlers who came from Cornwall in the 5th century, Brittany still has today many specific characters of the Celtic civilization. It is quite different from the rest of France. These differences not only show in the landscape and wild scenery of the coast, along the Atlantic, but also in the language (Breton) akin to Welsh, and in the traditions.
    Auvergne & Rhone-Alps
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History of the Auvergne, Rhone Alps region can be traced up to 33,000 year ago as you visit the Chauvet Caves, a Unesco Heritage Site, in Ardeche.
    Alsace & Lorraine
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Situated in the eastern border of France, the region of Alsace, Lorraine and the Vosges Mountains provides a window to Central Europe. Historically the boundaries of this region have moved back and forth between France and Germany, which explains why today there are so many towns with German names