Celestial Voyagers likes to consider "Francophilia" as a destination per se, uniting all the places in the world  touched once by French culture.

Considering colonial times and past history, after the French settled away from home, besides their language, they left a print of Romance and an Art de Vivre recognizable in Gastronomy, Arts, Fashion, the café-terrace habit and their usual Joie de Vivre.

Up to this day, besides the own identity of each of these destinations, you will find a special ambiance related to the language, the food, the friendly associations and the meeting places where a French touch is still present.

From Quebec to Saint Martin in Caribbean Islands, in Martinique and Guadeloupe, in Morocco and other countries of North Africa, in the islands of Madagascar or the Reunion, in some very small enclave such as Pondicherry which used to be just a trading post in Southern India, in Polynesia, in the past colonies of West Africa you will find the bakery, the pastry shop, a local café, a great choice of restaurants, and many other details which will make the place very special and enjoyable.

Should you wish to practice the French you learnt in school, or enjoy a great glass of wine with your meal, or be what we call a Francophile, visiting these countries with CelestialVoyagers will be a very special experience for you.

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by CelestialVoyagers, Your Exclusive Tour Designer
Martinique is a Caribbean island and politically an overseas region of France, where you pay in Euros and the French flag flies jointly with the European Union one. It is located 280 miles from the South American coastline and its balmy climate and gorgeous beaches have resulted in tourism being the primary industry of the island. Tourism has taken over from agriculture, which used to be the main economic driver back in colonial times when thousands of African slaves were brought in to cultivate large plantations of coffee, tobacco and sugarcane
by CelestialVoyagers, Your Exclusive Tour Designer
Guadeloupe is a Caribbean island and politically part of France, even though it is more than 4600 mile away in the Caribbean Sea. It is a French "departement", with a political organization similar to all the "départements" of the motherland. Guadeloupe Island is shaped like butterfly wings. One wing is Basse Terre, dominated by La Soufriere, a 4813 ft high volcano, and the other wing is Grande Terre with the capital Pointe a Pitre. Smaller islands form the nearby archipelago of La Guadeloupe: Marie Galante, La Désirade, and Les Saintes.