The most grandiose wild life migrations take place in Kenya. After some luxury camping experience in the land of the Masai, visiting the lakes of North and Lamu island is highly recommended for a true Kenyan experience.

Kenya, A Land For Safari

Team with Celestial Voyagers and go on one of the magnificent safaris in Kenya. The country offers a safe environment with a well organized tourist infrastructure. Through our local partners we can offer a luxury mobile organization to camp in the Savannah when hotels or comfortable lodges may not be available. You will enjoy the most memorable wildlife adventures, cultural experiences, and sceneries as you camp in the land of the Masai Mara, were the great Wildebeest and zebra migration takes take place. And also when you drive across the Great Rift Valley where hundreds of flamingos flock to the Lake Baringo and Lake Elementaita.

Northern Kenya Is Off The Beaten Tracks

In the North of the country we can take you to Lake Turkana, a lesser known part of the country and home of fascinating, nomadic tribes.

Lamu Island is a Unesco World Heritage site and part of an archipelago where donkeys are the first means of transportation and cars are banned. The old town of Lamu is a well preserved Swahili community that has existed on the island for centuries.