Tour Organizers, Work with us!

Technology has made it so convenient to travel for tour organizers and travelers alike. With a click of a button, you can book your reservations online. With the tap of your finger, you can download as many travel apps that you want. But when it comes to the delicate intricacies of group travel, technology can’t always override the power of working with a professional one-on-one.
When you work with a CelestialVoyagers professional for your group travel plans, he or she will help you navigate every detail of your trip, saving you both time and money, and offering your group personalized services and a variety of options that aren’t available to the public.
Our goal is to make you and your group happy travelers!

Happy Tour Organizers

Air Services

CelestialVoyagers can offer tour organizers a variety of channels and contracts that translate into better prices and schedules. Our specialists will be able to help you understand the pros and cons of choosing various flights, as well as explain the fine print of each airline’s services (terms and conditions, deposits, penalties, etc.) and will work on your behalf in case any unexpected situations arise. In fact, we can even provide an advanced deposit for your group at no additional charge in case the airline does not receive your deposit on time.

Hotel Services

CelestialVoyagers works with hotel banks and hotel chains worldwide that offer thousands of rooms at rates normally inaccessible to non professionals. We’ll secure all the details for you and make sure your travelers are fully satisfied. If you’re unhappy with your hotel for any reason, CelestialVoyagers will find a replacement and offer you a new contract.

Sightseeing, Visits, Guides, Meals

With your budget and personal interests in mind, CelestialVoyagers hand selects guides who are warm, knowledgeable and professional. We’ll be sure to choose the best sites for your group, as well as reputable restaurants that cater to your palette.

Accounting thought for Tour Organizers

You don’t have to deal with your group’s travel account on your own, as tour organizers. CelestialVoyagers can assist you in choosing how you’d like to make your payments. We’ll also make bank transfers, foreign currency exchanges, bank fees (and the like) easy for you to navigate and also take care of payments to suppliers.


At CelestialVoyagers we know the role of being tour organizers is a professional endeavor. If you plan on traveling with your group and want to hone your leadership skills, we’re open to training and compensating you. In addition to paying for your trip’s expenses, we can also offer additional perks, which can be discussed in the planning stages of your group tour.

Before Departure

Close to the group departure date, CelestialVoyagers will provide you, the tour organizers, and your travelers useful and necessary information about your tour. As tour organizer, you will receive additional material that includes important contact information.

During the Tour

If any unexpected situations arise during the trip, our staff will be on hand 24/7 to assist you. Your security, safety and satisfaction are our main concerns, and we’ll see to it that you’re taken care of quickly and efficiently.

After the Tour: Tour Organizers work again with us

We truly value your feedback and suggestions. At CelestialVoyagers we take pride in our longstanding relationships with our clients, some of whom have been traveling and organizing with us for over 20 years. So please, don’t hesitate to tell us how we can better serve you!

Tel: (212) 203-1021

Happy Travelers


We want to know our customers and we will spend the time to understand their needs, tastes, priorities, choices and passions in order to deliver precisely what they want and to surpass their expectations.
We take carefully every detail into consideration, explain the pros and cons, suggest ideas, find the experts, select the right guides.
Travel is a “people business”, we care about the travelers and we adapt to each situation. Our trips are personalized. We do not ask the passengers to just press buttons and adapt to a booking engine, we are always here to serve the client and understand his needs from beginning to end.


Our staff has been carefully selected and has been trained to be pleasant and dedicated. All our planners have been with the company for many years. It is important for us to work in a good and pleasant environment and provide a team work atmosphere so everyone is able to take over to serve the customer.



We have partners and associates in every country we send you and we will secure that at all time you will get the necessary help and support in case of unexpected situation. We are concerned about your safety and your satisfaction.

Word of Mouth based success

Since 1993 CelestialVoyagers has operated more than one thousand trips overseas with no complaints and lots of praise. More than 30,000 have traveled with CelestialVoyagers. Several of them have told us “You are the best!” and we love to hear it.
Our planners receive flowers and thank you notes from our happy clients to show their appreciation.
We are a small company where passenger satisfaction comes first. We choose to grow mostly by word of mouth because we want YOU to be happy with your travel experience, to return again and again, and to speak about us to your friend and neighbors in the best terms.
Some individual travelers are ready to take their 48th trip. To this day, some Universities have programmed up to 167 academic groups for their students. All these people cannot be wrong, They trust us and return on and on, and recommend CelestialVoyagers to their colleagues and friends.

Financial Strength

The company is financially very strong. Your deposits go in escrow account and services are delivered as planned because all payments have been processed in due time. We understand the constraints of some administrative department, we trust you as you trust us and we will not lose a good contract because “the check is in the mail”.

Airline Expert

We will spend all necessary time and efforts with the airlines to shop around, select the best schedules, negotiate the lowest group fare with the best terms and conditions. Then we will follow up with the strict deadlines and send you reminders to avoid penalties. We have been an IATA ticketing agency since the foundation and professionally we are knowledgeable and dedicated to work with the airline in your name and defend your interests.

Best Accommodation

We work with thousands of hotels and we know that location is the key. You will stay where it is most convenient for you. If our usual contracted hotel is not for you we will work diligently to make special arrangements with a specific boutique hotel you may have been dreaming about.
We will verify that hotels are well kept and well managed. Should the room not be to your satisfaction we will interfere immediately for a change. We are here to serve and make your travel experience a smooth and joyful one, with learnings which will expand your mind, great souvenirs to share.