Easter Island

  •                 Easter Island
by CelestialVoyagers, Your Tour Designer
  •                 Easter Island
by CelestialVoyagers, Your Tour Designer
  •                 Easter Island
by CelestialVoyagers, Your Tour Designer
Easter Island
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Chile & Easter Island
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Daily Itinerary
Day 1 - Departure

Departure from JFK with Lan Chile. Flight leaves at 8:00 PM. check-in at Kennedy airport, Terminal 8 should be around 5:30 PM

Day 2 - Santiago de Chile

Arrival Santiago de Chile at 9:00 AM. A $160.00 entry fee to Chile needs to be paid in cash as you enter the country. This fee is included.
Assistance and transfer to your hotel. As you wait for checking time you will enjoy a city tour of the capital and view the main landmarks of Santiago. Afternoon visit to Museo de Bellas Artes (visit on your own).

Day 3 - Santiago de Chile

Day in Santiago: Visit the Museum of Natural History with Dr. Tanacredi. (Public transportation).

Day 4 - Easter Island

Transfer to Santiago airport to take the 9:00 AM flight to Easter Island. Arrival at 1:10 PM. Transfer and welcome reception at Tupa Hotel, your home for the next 6 nights. Afternoon introduction to the Island, the world’s most isolated spot on earth.

Day 5 - Easter Island

Morning excursion : Ahai archeological zone and Ahu Vinapu ceremonial center. Then, afternoon excursion to the ancient ceremonial village of Orongo on the ridge of Rano Kau Volcano. Evening lecture and review of the day experience

Day 6 - Easter Island

Morning departure for Ahu te Pito Kura, the World’s Navel.
Stop at Papa Vaka a petroglyph panel showing a large double canoe carved into the lava flow. This is the place to document the erosion of petroglyphs, a project which started with John Loret on his last trip with SMLI. Continue to the Anakena Beach to relax, swim, play and enjoy a BBQ lunch. Afternoon tour nearby to the moais of Anakena: Ahu Nau Nau, one of the most beautiful moais on the island, restored by archeologist Sergio Rapu in 1980. Evening lecture and review of the day experience

Day 7 - Easter Island

Morning excursion to Ahu Tongariki where 15 of the famous island’s moai statues line up on a platform, then to Rano Raraku, one of 2 major rock quarry site where the Moai of Rapa Nui were carved out of the yellow brown volcanic tuff, and to Akahanga Ceremonial center, popularly known as “Platform of the King”. Picnic lunch at Rano Raraku. Evening lecture and review of the day experience

Day 8 - Easter Island

Morning at leisure and departure after lunch for an afternoon excursion to Ahu Akivi, an ahu with 7 moai statues which face sunset during Spring and Autumn equinox, then to the caves of Ana Te Pahu, a large lava tube used in the past as living quarters. On the return stop at Puna Pau quarry located in a small crater, source of all the red scoria topknots placed on the head of some moai. Evening lecture and review of the day experience.

Day 9 - Return

Today will give you opportunity to enjoy the local market, see the activities of the local craft-men and visit the Archeological Museum.
Farewell dinner at Te Ra’Ai Restaurant: an amazing experience to taste real local cuisine and enjoy traditional dancing and music.

Day 10 - Departure

Get ready for departure. Transfer to the airport. The plane leaves for Santiago at 2:10 PM, arrives Santiago at 8:55 PM. Connecting flight to JFK leaves at 11:05 PM

Day 11 - Arrival USA

Arrival at JFK at 5:50 AM


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